My name is Ashley Sanaz Zareifard and I am the founder and the “SHE-EO” of FASHASH.

Born in Saqqez, raised in Copenhagen and shaped in Paris, it's safe to say that, I am a ferm believer in both destiny and manifestation! 

With five planets (inlcuding Sun and Mercury) in Capricorn, gifted hands, an eye for detail, a burning heart and an open mind, I created FASHASH. Needless to say, hard work has surely been required... However, going with the flow, following and trusting the signs and my intuition, is what I am mostly proud of. 

I noticed a clear gap in the jewelry market, had an epiphany - et voilà, here we are four years later!

Aesthetically timeless pieces, handmade and always holding an energy or a deeper meaning, beyond what meets the eye. But most importantly, pieces that are gender, race, body and age neutral - "allclusive" if you will!

Continue reading below, if you would like to know more... 

FASHASH is timeless, fluid and affordable.

The concept and vision of the brand was formed in late 2018 

After a few years of working at a French jewelry company, in the heart of Paris... And with almost 10 years of experience within the fashion industry, including a Bachelor’s degree in Jewelry Design and Marketing

I followed the signs and officially founded my company on 01.01.2019

After another chapter in Paris, I moved back to my hometown, Copenhagen. During this transitional period I used crystals (mainly pocket stones) as an energy-tool, to take care of my body, mind and soul. I often wished to carry them as jewelry, but came to find that no brand at the time offered crystal jewelry within my style preference and/or price range. 

By serendipity, I found a small (and my first ever) collection of crystals from my childhood. There it was, in my mothers attic, a small box with stones I hadn't seen since my teenage years. This was my final - and a clear sign (being the very superstitious persian that I am) to follow my path and create FASHASH.

My Persian background and holistic view on life, was and still is the foundation of the brand.

I wish you an enjoyable time picking your FASHASH piece

With love, Ashley


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