Your FASHASH piece needs care and love to stay beautiful and vibrant. 

In general it's best to not shower and sleep with your jewellery on - anything that can be potentially humid is not recommended. This is to prevent tarnish of metal.

I do however encourage you to wear your piece when going for a dip or a swim during vacation, staycation or simply during your regular activity/ritual. But keep in mind that, chlorine (swimmingspools!!) and salt (which technically also contains chlorine) can likewise cause damage to the metal, if frequently exposed to these elements. Everything in moderation, except for celebration!

Of course tarnish/oxidation of metal will naturally accure over time, but do notice that the speed of the process also depends on the amount of acid in your body. First of all, our bodies are all differently build, and in addition to that our enviroment and habits should also be considered. The higher amount of acid your body contains, the faster your metal will tarnish/oxidize.

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How to cleans your FASHASH piece

Oceans, waterfalls, rivers etc. are known for their cleasing power. Just like your body, mind and soul - your crystals will too enjoy the cleasing force of natural watersources. So, as mentioned above, go ahead and bring your FASHASH piece out for a cute dipidy dip.

Palo Santo (holy wood stick) and Sage (dried herb) is another way to cleans your adornments. Burn your stick of choice and place your crystal over the dancing smoke. Please use and buy conciously - protect natures recources.

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.

This is not philosophy. This is physics." - Albert Einstein

Everything and everyone is energy, and energy has different frequencies. Some are high, some are low, some are constant and some are changeable. Living beings, the device you are reading this on, the weather, your crystals etc. are all energy. 

Crystals have a very stable energy, meaning each and every single one of them are made of a fixed pattern of molecules, and will more or less stay on a "constant energetic vibration". This is why humans, for many centuries, have used them to regulate the energy field of our bodies, homes etc. 

Because as a human your vibe is easily influenced and therefore unstable. It will constanly change depending on the energies we are exposed to, such as thoughts, other people, food, news, sounds etc. 

Crystals however are effortlesly stable, scientifically and spiritually. The more stable a crystal is, the more powerful energy it will have. That is why some crystals can be used to "recharge" other crystals (Selenite fx.). 

Crystals that are worn, or in other ways are at "work", will naturally absorb energy, and that is why it is important to recharge them once in a while. Think of it as a glas of water. The glass will remain the same shape and function, but at some point the water will overflow, and you will need to somehow empty your glass, so that water again can be poured in. 

How to recharge your FASHASH piece

Your crystal will be recharged by the energy of the Fullmoon - just like you do. Place your FASHASH piece by the window overnight, so your adornment can soak up the powerful vibes. You can do this as a monthly ritual, alongside your other self-care routines/rituals perhaps?

Apart from our G, la Luna, you can use powerful crystals (like Selentine) to recharge your jewellery. Do it whenever you feel like it - maybe on days you water your plants or do your laundry.

The Fullmoon (or the Moon, in general) is such a powerful force. This planet effects our mood aka. frequency on a daily basis. Especially people with a uterus will be effected by our beloved Moon, but also our oceans change in sync with this planets cycle... just to mention a couple of cute examples. 

Noticed how your energy can be low on New Moons, and the opposite (like a tripple-shot cup of coffee) when it's full? So when you have trouble sleeping, feel extra flirty, wanna go out etc.... try checking the moon - it's most likely full. Full Moon gives us energy, litterally. So yallah, go ahead and recharge your piece when the Moon is a full circle on our beautiful sky. 

Crystals absorb energy, so on days or periods where you have been in a lot of contact with others, remember to cleans and recharge your adornments. There is no recipe on how to do any of this "the right way" - just go with the flow and do what feels best for you. These are just guidelines, so trust your own instict and enjoy the moment/process. 

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Astrology & Crystals 

Astrology can be a great guide when choosing your crystal, but should never limit you. Remember, our Birth-chart is much more complex than solely your Sun-sign (commonly known as "Horoscope Sign"), and you should therefore try to keep that in mind when choosing a crystal for yourself or a loved one. 

Moreover the season we are in (fx. Scorpio season, Oct.23-Nov.21) can also be a general guide, for everyone during that period. During each astrological season, there are specific energies and a common mood that will effect us all. 

Last but not least, your best guide for anything in life, will most certainly be your gut feeling. Your instict will usually be on point, so trust and embrace it.

Read more about each sign here   (this feature is not available yet)


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