Want to change or return your FASHASH piece?

If your purchase or gift didn't feel right, there's no need to worry. Contact via

e-mail: and you will be guided on what to do. 

All items can be changed or returned within 14 days from purchase, as long as the piece has never been worn and the original packaging is intact. Send an image or a description of your item, along with your receipt (screenshot of MobilePay transfers are fine too), and you will be helped as soon as possible. 

Do note that shipping will be on own cost. 

Continue reading below, for REPAIRS & COMPLAINTS.


To prevent damage on your FASHASH piece, please read PRODUCT CARE.

In the unfortunate event your jewellery should break, please contact via


Shortly describe the issue, add an image of your jewellery and an image of your receipt (screenshot of MobilePay transfers are fine too). 

Do note that each style is handled under different terms, since the making- process and materials can vary. 

Click here, to read PRODUCT CARE.


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